Assisted Suicide

AMA Reaffirms Opposition to Assisted Suicide

‘Physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer'

The American Medical Association will continue to oppose prescribing lethal medication to patients. More than 70 percent of its delegates voted to preserve the AMA code that says “assisted suicide would ultimately cause more harm than good.”

Maine Could Become 9th Assisted Suicide State

Democrat-controlled legislature passes bill allowing terminally ill to receive lethal medication

A doctor holds up a drug testing kit which is used as part of assisted suicidesThe Democrat-led Maine Legislature voted to legalize assisted suicide. The bill would allow doctors to prescribe terminally ill patients with fatal drugs. The House passed the bill on Monday by a margin of one vote, leading the Senate to pass the bill to the desk of Democratic governor Janet Mills with a vote of 19-16.

NY Medical Society Rejects Assisted Suicide

Doctors group reaffirms opposition as lawmakers weigh legalization bill

A doctor holds up a drug testing kit which is used as part of assisted suicidesOne of New York's top medical associations reiterated its opposition to assisted suicide as lawmakers debate a bill to allow the practice.

Maryland Rejects Assisted Suicide

Senate vote stalls bill allowing physician assisted suicide

The Maryland State Capitol BuildingAssisted suicide is dead in the water in Maryland after the state Senate failed to advance a legalization bill.