Armed Services Committee

Evan Bayh Rarely Attended Committee Hearings as U.S. Senator

Bayh skipped 76 percent of Armed Services hearings, 92 percent of Aging Committee hearings

Evan BayhEvan Bayh’s senatorial campaign said that the reason the former Indiana senator skipped 92 percent of his Aging Committee hearings was because of the demands of other more important committees he was on, but records show that Bayh’s propensity to skip hearings went beyond just the Aging Committee.

Senate Panel Enforces Ban on Russian Rocket Engines

Defense spending bill caps U.S. purchase of Russian-made engines in favor of American innovation

Russian rocket enginesThe Senate Armed Services Committee enforced a limit on the U.S. purchase of Russian rocket engines for national security space launches in a move that broke with the panel’s counterpart in the House.