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The Washington Free Beacon’s Dirty Dozen Rules For Thriving In D.C.

Don't just aim to survive the swamp, thrive in it

February 20, 2023

'Squad' Member Cori Bush Employs Pro-Gun Private Security Firm

Defund the police advocate gave $90K to group that promotes pro-gun messages on social media

February 2, 2022

AOC Rails Against 'Excessive Bail' After Waukesha Massacre

Alleged attacker in Wisconsin was out on 'inappropriately low bail'

November 23, 2021

Feigning Support for Stranded Allies

The "Squad" makes a demand for which there is only a military solution 

They're All Socialists Now

Biden's $3.5 trillion budget was written by a socialist—and it shows

Congresswomen Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, Omar, And Pressley Hold News Conference After President Trump Attacks Them On Twitter

Lawmakers Move to Censure Squad Members for Anti-Israel Remarks

Republicans accuse far-left House Dems of giving cover to Hamas during Gaza crisis

June 14, 2021

Ohio Special Election Opens Door to New Squad Member

Self-described socialist Nina Turner holds strong lead in crowded primary

June 3, 2021