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Dems Boost Libertarian in Kentucky in Hail Mary to Defeat McConnell

Dem donors are Libertarian candidate's biggest backers

October 26, 2020

Amy McGrath Equates Supporting Her Campaign to Serving in Uniform

Vets fume at McGrath's 'degrading' comparison of campaign work to combat

September 4, 2020

War Memorial Blasts Amy McGrath for 'Prohibited' Campaign Rally

McGrath did not clear campaign rally with memorial

August 13, 2020

Amy McGrath Habitually Failed to Pay Property Taxes

Local authorities fined Kentucky Dem for back taxes six times in five years

August 11, 2020

Top Dem Senate Challengers Silent on D.C. Statehood

Schumer has made capital statehood for heavily Democratic city a 'top priority'

July 30, 2020

McGrath Ekes Out Victory in KY's Democratic Primary

Dem wins narrowly after outspending opponent 40:1

June 30, 2020

Schumer’s Candidate Clings to Lead in KY Senate Primary

Amy McGrath could become the biggest fundraiser to lose a congressional primary in history

June 24, 2020