Ali Khamenei

After Iran’s Nuclear Pact, State Firms Win Most Foreign Deals

Sanctions relief benefitting companies linked to supreme leader, IRGC

When world powers agreed in 2015 to lift sanctions on Iran in return for curbs on its nuclear program, the deal's supporters in the United States, Europe, and Tehran hoped renewed trade and investment could boost Iran's private sector and weaken the state's hold on the economy.

Iranian Supreme Leader Warns U.S.: Flee the Persian Gulf

Iran running war drills

Ali KhameneiIranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Monday warned the United States against keeping a military presence in the Persian Gulf and vowed that the Islamic Republic will continue to carry out a range of war drills in the area, despite warnings, according to recent comments.

Iranian Supreme Leader Appeals ‘to the Youth in Western Countries’

Khamenei: U.S. armed al Qaeda, Israel sponsors terrorism

Ali KhameneiIranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, in an appeal Sunday "to the youth in western countries," accused the United States of arming and nurturing terror groups such as al Qaeda and lashed out at Israel for sponsoring "the worst kind of terrorism" against the Palestinians, according to an English translation of the Iranian leader’s open letter.

Iran Warns U.S.: New Sanctions Will End Nuclear Deal

Supreme leader tentatively signs off on deal

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei warned on Wednesday that any new sanctions by the United States would effectively terminate the recently announced Iranian nuclear deal, which Khamenei officially endorsed Wednesday in a letter, according to regional reports.