This Checkered Terrorist Durag Is Literally Exploding on the Fashion Scene. Is It More Than Just an Inti-FAD-a?

Eight fun ways to wear the keffiyeh

November 14, 2023

What's happening: The keffiyeh is so hot right now, according to the New York Times.

• The black-and-white checkered bandana scarf thingy has become a fashionable symbol of Palestinian terrorism, sometimes referred to by anti-Semites as "aspirational resistance."

• Palestinian supporters of Hamas, the genocidal terrorist organization, are encouraging other Hamas supporters to wear keffiyehs "as a show of solidarity," provided they stay on the right side of the "fine line between appreciation and cultural appropriation."

Join the fun: Here are eight fun ways to wear the keffiyeh and show your support for radical decolonization by any means necessary.

1) The Cambridge Matador

Corral "aggressive" Jews in style.

2) The (Molotov) Cocktail Party

It's fire, fam.

3) The Spineless Chancellor 

Very fine people on both sides.

4) Le Chic Fanatique

Embrace the Islamic Jihottie within.

5) La Corde de la Décolonisation

Just another symbol of freedom and peaceful coexistence.

6) The New York Times 

Sometimes journalists are, in fact, the enemy.

7) The Candy Striper

Nothing to see here.

8) The Sexy Arafat