RBG Risks It All for Love, Setting Bad Example

'Notorious' justice officiates wedding without a mask in rebuke to uptight libs

• September 1, 2020 6:10 pm


Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court justice who could have retired during the Obama administration but may not have felt comfortable letting a black man choose her successor, delivered a stunning rebuke to her liberal fangirls over the weekend by officiating a wedding WITHOUT A MASK during a global pandemic.

Ginsburg, 87, whose personal trainer was named a 2018 Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year for making her feel healthy enough to shirk retirement during the Obama years, risked it all to perform a wedding ceremony at the behest of a family friend. Just weeks earlier, Ginsburg announced she was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for lesions on her liver—the justice's fifth bout with cancer.

After the bride, Barb Solish, tweeted a photo of the recklessly maskless lib justice officiating the wedding, at least one Twitter user expressed anxiety over the potential consequences for the future of Western civilization.

"Honestly … the ramifications of her getting sick at a wedding (which has been happening) could be catastrophic," wrote Twitter user Salty John. "Seeing this is the scariest thing I've seen all week. Congratulations, but I hope you didn't just destroy Western civilization for a cool wedding photo."

Solish, who married Danny Kazin, an executive at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, attempted to calm the mob of terrified libs. "Don't worry, we tested negative!" she tweeted vaguely, declining to clarify the meaning of "we." The ordinarily vigilant media, meanwhile, have for some reason been hesitant to sound the alarm.

It wasn't the first example of Ginsburg's blasé attitude toward coronavirus restrictions. While most Americans are still unable to go to the gym, RBG and her personal trainer have continued working out together in the Supreme Court's private gym.

FUN FACT: There are 141 days until a new president will (potentially) be inaugurated and granted the authority to nominate new Supreme Court justices.