Zakaria: When Trump Talks, He's 'Just Bulls**ting'

September 6, 2017

CNN host and Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakaria said Tuesday evening that when President Donald Trump makes assertions, he is "just bullshitting."

Zakaria appeared on "CNN Tonight," where host Don Lemon brought up Trump's tweets about accusations that then-President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. Lemon then asked Zakaria, "Why are people not more outraged and upset by it?"

"Remember when the president said, 'I'm going to start an investigation because President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower,' which we all knew was a bunch of baloney," Lemon said. "Now his own Justice Department has investigated and found absolutely zero evidence—it got buried in the holiday. No evidence at all. It was just a complete flat-out lie. Why are people not more outraged and upset by it? Why is this happening?"

Zakaria responded that Trump's words have "lost any credibility" around the world.

"The saddest thing to watch with this president around the world is the way in which his words have lost any credibility," he said.

Zakaria brought up the current crisis with North Korea as an example, and referenced one of Trump's Sept. 3 tweets in particular.

"The president of the United States tweets: We're thinking about stopping all trade with countries that do business with North Korea," Zakaria said.

Zakaria went on to explain how he thought the world responded to that tweet.

"What was fascinating to me, nobody took it seriously. The Chinese didn't even bother to respond to the president of the United States threatening to shut down all trade," he added. "Because the feeling that the world has now: It's Donald Trump."

Zakaria said Trump "says these thing, [and] they mean nothing."

"He says he's going to attack North Korea. He doesn't do it. He says he's going to recognize Taiwan. He doesn't do it. He says he's going to abandon NAFTA. He doesn't do it. He says he's going to build a wall," Zakaria said before trailing off.

The veteran journalist ultimately claimed that the lack of effect Trump's words have is unique.

"I can't remember a time in my life when the president of the United States' words have managed to evoke absolutely no reaction," he said.

"I've said many times before, he's just bullshitting," he concluded.