Woodward: Clinton Email, Donor Disclosure ‘Not Enough’

'You can't fake your way into the presidency'

• June 14, 2015 11:36 am


The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward laughed off Hillary Clinton’s reluctant disclosure of emails and foundation donors as "not enough" on Sunday’s State of the Union.

Democratic National Committee Vice-Chairwoman Donna Brazile mounted a peculiar defense of Clinton, claiming that she has "never seen a politician who has laid out more information about herself. We have read her emails, we have seen all the donors—"

"Not enough! Not enough!" Woodward interjected, as panelists S.E. Cupp and Dana Bash laughed.

The Clintons have been hounded by criticism about their lack of transparency going back to their days at the White House in the 1990s.

Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton’s team turned over some, but not all, of her emails following reporting that Clinton used an unauthorized private email server during her tenure as secretary of state.

Disclosure of Clinton Foundation donors has come sparingly over the past year. The foundation has been pressured to be more transparent because of allegations that foreign governments and business interests made donations to the foundation to exert influence over the policy decisions of then-Secretary Clinton.

Citing public distrust of Clinton, Woodward said Clinton has yet to convince the public that she is a truth-teller.

"You can’t fake your way into the presidency," Woodward said. "So she's got to say, and convince people, I'm really going to tell you the truth."

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