Will State Comment on Manning? 'You Never Know,' Says Psaki

The Associated Press' Matthew Lee was perplexed that State Department spokeswoman Psaki did not have a reaction to the conviction of Pfc. Bradley Manning Tuesday in the State Department press conference.

Psaki played coy when Lee pressed her as to whether the State Department would eventually release a statement:

MATTHEW LEE: But for the entire trial, this building had said that it wouldn't comment because it was pending -- it was a pending case. And now that it's over you say you're still not going to comment?

JEN PSAKI: That's correct.


JEN PSAKI: I would refer you to the Department of Defense.

MATTHEW LEE: OK. Can I just ask why?

JEN PSAKI: Because the Department of Defense has been the point agency -- (inaudible).

MATTHEW LEE: But these were State Department cables exactly. They were your property. State Department -- (off mic) --

JEN PSAKI: We don't -- we just don't have any further comment. I know the verdict just came out. I don't have anything more for you.

MATTHEW LEE: Well, does that mean -- are you working on a comment?

JEN PSAKI: I don't --

MATTHEW LEE: Are you gratified that this theft of your material --

JEN PSAKI: I don't expect so, Matt, but if we have anything more to say, I promise everybody in this room and then some will have it.

MATTHEW LEE: OK. I'm a little bit surprised that you don't have any comment, considering the amount of energy and time this building expended on assisting the prosecution. But also, when they were -- when the cables were first put out, your former -- predecessor Mr. Crowley spent a huge amount of time on it, and I --

JEN PSAKI: I'm aware of that. And if there's more to say at any point today, I'm sure we will make that available to all of you. Did you want to move on to another topic?

MATTHEW LEE: I'll let other people go on to the topic because I'm sure I will be as unsatisfied with your responses to other questions as I was --

JEN PSAKI: We'll see, Matt. You never know.