White House Reporter Asks if Trump Is Addicted to Drugs

During a press briefing with White House physician Ronny Jackson on Tuesday, one member of the White House press corps asked if President Donald Trump was addicted to drugs.

Jackson, a Navy rear admiral, said Trump is in "excellent" health and spent about an hour fielding a wide range of questions about his medical exam. One reporter standing behind the back row of chairs inquired about Trump's possible drug use.

"You said he doesn't drink and he doesn't smoke and other than the diet issue—did you address drug addiction?" the reporter asked.

"Drug addiction?" Jackson replied with a laugh.

"Any other drugs?" she asked.

"Yeah, no, no, he has no drug addiction," Jackson said.

"How about sexual?" another reporter joked, prompting laughter.

Jackson also faced questions on whether Trump had dementia, OCD, diabetes, dentures, or heart problems. Jackson's answer to each of these was negative.

Jackson became the White House physician in 2006 in the George W. Bush administration, and he remained in that position with the administrations of Barack Obama and now Trump.