White House Press Corps Asks Obama Three Questions About Trump, None About Ben Rhodes

Barack Obama
May 6, 2016

The White House press corps got the opportunity to ask President Obama four questions Friday after he gave a statement on the April jobs report, and three of them concerned Donald Trump.

One of them regarded Trump's tweet on Cinco de Mayo about a taco salad.

None of them were about national security adviser Ben Rhodes, who was profiled Thursday in the New York Times and boasted of selling the Iran nuclear deal on "largely manufactured" premises, as the article's author put it.

The questions were as follows:

"Mr. President, what's your reaction to Donald Trump becoming the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party this week, and given the delegate math, do you think it's time for Bernie Sanders to step aside on the Democratic side?"

"Mr. President, what did Speaker Ryan's comments tell you about the state of the Republican Party, and how would you advise your fellow Democrats who appear to have to now run against Donald Trump as to how they can win in November?"

"Mr. President, what's your message to Democratic voters who've yet to cast their vote who may be hesitant to vote for the Democratic frontrunner because of the ongoing email scandal and investigation, and also, did you see Donald Trump's taco bowl tweet, and your thoughts on it?"

"Just wanted to ask you one on infrastructure. Not long before your nuclear summit where you had 50 world leaders here, the DC Metro was closed for over 24 hours. You at the White House Correspondents Dinner made note that you'll soon be a sort-of more ordinary District resident. I'm wondering what that says that the nation's capital, their own metro system was closed for 24 hours and is having a number of safety-related problems, and what can your administration do if Republicans are standing in the way of an infrastructure bill, specifically for the DC Metro to potentially provide more funding or any more support for such a critical service?"

Among other important news broken by the media, Obama revealed that he did not have thoughts on "Mr. Trump's tweets."