WFB's Ellison Barber on GOP Surge Before Midterms

October 20, 2014

Washington Free Beacon staff writer Ellison Barber appeared on Fox's Special Report with Bret Baier on Monday to discuss the GOP ground game in battleground states as polls from early voting began to trickle in ahead of the midterm elections.

Barber said despite Debbie Wasserman Schultz's assertion that President Obama is "not on the ballot," his approval rating is creating an uphill battle for Democrats.

"From July to October, his average approval rating was 41.5 percent," Barber said. "It is difficult Democrats to possibly combat an approval rating like that when you have the majority of Americans disapproving of the president, and disapproving of him on almost every single issue."

Barber said the fact that Republicans are already experiencing better turnouts in blue states such as Colorado and Iowa is indicative of an aggressive and effective new "get out the vote" campaign.

"Republicans say they have reached to voters out in different ways and gotten data in different ways than they have in the past," Barber said. "They have changed their get out the vote efforts and their messaging, and in Iowa, specifically, they're using this tactic, where they're using social pressure to target voters through pamphlets and e-mails by saying 'don't be the only person in your neighborhood that doesn't vote.' And they say that they have noticed that has been incredibly effective for them in places like Iowa."