WFB’s Ellison Barber Discusses the Latest Developments of Grubergate

On Wednesday, the Free Beacon’s Ellison Barber went on Fox Business to discuss the latest developments in Grubergate.

Barber found that John Gruber failed to reveal any new information in his testimony before Congress on Tuesday, and equivocated when asked about the truth to his statements.

"Republicans did not really get any new information," Barber said. "Mostly what you got from this was he said he was sorry."

Gruber was asked during the hearing if he had lied, but only responded that he should not have discussed subjects on which he had no background.

"Whether or not he actually lied when he made those comments, he said on at least two occasions ‘I didn’t lie, I just shouldn’t have been talking about things I didn’t know about,’" Barber said.

Regarding the next step for Republicans, Barber said that they will most likely investigate whomever Gruber talked to in the White House and determine if he or she played a significant role in developing Obamacare.