WFB Managing Editor Andrew Stiles Breaks His Silence on Trump Hat Scandal

The Washington Free Beacon‘s managing editor Andrew Stiles appeared on Fox News’ Red Eye where he broke his silence on the Dylan Byers article accusing Stiles of being a donor to the Donald Trump campaign. The "donation" was used to buy 20 "Make America Great Again" hats for the Free Beacon staff.

Cohost Andy Levy said to host Tom Shillue that the biggest Trump story of the day was sitting right at the table.

"Using the global resources of a world wide news organization, Byers was able to piece together a sordid yet riveting tale of corruption that some are saying might lead to the downfall of the once-mighty Free Beacon," Levy said.

When Stiles was asked what he was guilty of he responded that he was "only guilty of loving America too much."

Since Stiles had spent $500 he was forced to fill out a Federal Election Commission form that included his personal information as well as his occupation, "#1 Trump Fan."

Stiles said that the hats were completely worth it. Stiles also mentioned his ongoing relationship with Byers that started when Stiles first broke the story on George Stephanopoulos making a large donation to the Clinton Foundation.

"Well, I got an email from him at about 10 o’clock last night that said something like ‘Yo, bro, you on the grid?’" Stiles said.

Stiles said that he had a feeling that Byers might be writing a story about his hat purchase since it was discussed widely on social media after the filing details were released.

An internal investigation is being conducted by Free Beacon ombudsman Biff Diddle, who could not be reached for comment.