Website Wars: Conservative Group Snatches Domains From Dems

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi / AP
February 7, 2017

A conservative group is attempting to trip up Democratic efforts to make gains in the House in 2018 by snatching up possible domain names for the party's new "March into 18" project.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee unveiled the project for this week's meetings in Baltimore, calling it an "unprecedented accountability project" and bragging that it would have its own "unique" webpage.

The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) wants to keep the DCCC from fulfilling their webpage promise, so they bought the domain name. To play it safe, they bough,, and as well.

A visit to any of the domains brings you to a webpage asking for you to sign up to join the CLF.

"The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched an early campaign against House Republicans in key districts around the country. They’re calling it the 'March into ‘18,'" the message on the page says. "So we bought their URL and we’re fighting back."

CLF says that its goal with the domain purchases was to point out how far the Democrats have fallen since they were considered to be the more "tech-savvy party."

"Eight years ago Democrats were hailed as the tech-savvy party of the future, but now House Democrats can’t even get a simple website up and running and their plan to win back the Majority is just as sad," said Corry Bliss, the group's executive director.

"Whether it’s botched rollouts or failed policies, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats continue to march into irrelevance," said Bliss.

There have been calls within the Democratic Party for new leadership in the wake of the crushing defeats the party endured in 2016.

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