Warren: The Signature Domestic Achievement of Obama's Presidency is Really Dragging Him Down

December 11, 2013

New polls reveal that the President Obama's approval ratings have taken a serious hit, thanks to Obamacare.

A poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC found that only 43 percent of Americans approve of President Obama, while a record high 54 percent disapprove of him.

Michael Warren, staff writer at The Weekly Standard, weighed in on the President’s new ratings on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom.

Warren said that Obamacare can largely be attributed to Americans’ recent backlash against the President.  He told Hemmer: "You have to look at Obamacare, you have to look deep into these poll numbers and say that this law, his signature health care law, his signature domestic achievement of his Presidency, is really dragging him down."

The differential in the President’s approval and disapproval rating has jumped by six percent since the launch of the failed Obamacare.

The poll also found that a large number of Americans disapprove of Obamacare. "It’s  of the law’s implementation and these are the people that are supposed to be benefitting from the law, they’re supposed to be getting affordable health insurance when they weren’t able to. The problem with this law is that the President and Democrats oversold what it was supposed to do – it was supposed to make everything better for these folks. It’s clearly not doing that" Warren explained, adding that poll numbers demonstrate that the President has lost a great amount of credibility on the issue.

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