Trump Supporter Gets Hair Lit on Fire by Anti-Trump Protester

A video now going viral shows an anti-Donald Trump protester lighting a Trump supporter's hair on fire during a confrontation the day of the presidential inauguration.

The video shows Trump supporters on Friday engaging in a peaceful back-and-forth with protesters chanting "Love trumps hate," referencing the new president.

At one point, a Trump supporter walks up to the group of demonstrators to take a picture of her wearing Trump gear in front of them. As she poses for the photo with her back turned to the protesters, one of them can be seen approaching her and pulling out a lighter. As the Trump supporter walks away, her hair can be seen on fire, and another supporter has to pat it out.

"Did you just really light my friend of fire?" one of the Trump supporters asks the protesters.


A zoomed-in photo from the video appears to show a protester coming up and lighting the Trump supporter's hair on fire.

Later in the video, some anti-Trump demonstrators can be heard apologizing for the incident.

"That's horrible. Nobody deserves that," one of the protesters said.