Trump Jokes He Wishes He’d Known Greek Prime Minister Once Called Him ‘Evil’

President Donald Trump joked Tuesday that he wished he knew Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called him "evil" in the past before appearing alongside him in a joint press conference.

Fox News’ White House correspondent John Roberts asked Tsipras if he regretted his comments about Trump now that he had the chance to meet and talk with him in person.

"Mr. Prime Minister, with respect to the president, in March of 2016 you said that the potential for a Donald Trump presidency, ‘I hope we will not face this evil,’" Roberts said. "And I’m wondering if after spending time with the president you have changed your mind, or if you are of the same mind."

"I wish I knew that before my speech," Trump interjected, which was met with laughter from onlookers and Tsipras.

Tsipras said the meeting between him and Trump was productive and he did not feel "threatened at any time."

"In order to set aside any differences we may have to find the common ground," Tsipras said. "The common ground which is really important for the relationship between our two peoples that are traditional and historical, and our common objectives. We have common values—the values of Democracy and freedom were born in Greece."