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Trump Cancels Major Campaign Events in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon

Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has cancelled or delayed major upcoming campaign events in Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon.

His scheduled speech focusing on immigration in Denver on Thursday has been postponed, although he will still attend a fundraiser that day, according to the Denver Post. Trump also cancelled a planned rally in Las Vegas on Friday, according to campaign spokesman Michael Chamberlain.

In addition, his planned rally and fundraiser in Portland, Oregon, originally scheduled for Aug. 31, is also cancelled, local CBS affiliate KOIN reported. Trump’s Oregon campaign director, Jacob G. Daniels, said Trump’s visit to flood-damaged areas in Baton Rouge, Louisiana had forced the schedule change:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has canceled an Aug. 31 rally and fundraiser in Portland.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports that Trump’s Oregon campaign director, Jacob G. Daniels, said the candidate’s recent trip to visit flood-ravaged areas in Louisiana prompted scheduling changes and forced the cancellation of the Oregon trip.

Washington Republican State Sen. Don Benton said Trump is still planning to attend a Seattle fundraiser in Seattle on Aug. 30.