Tomi Lahren Says Left-Wing Protesters Tried to ‘Beat’ Her During Trump Inauguration

• January 23, 2017 1:38 pm


Conservative television host Tomi Lahren said over the weekend that anti-Donald Trump protesters tried to attack her in Washington, D.C. during the presidential inauguration on Friday.

As Trump was sworn into office, demonstrators took to the streets, leading to violent clashes with police.

TMZ interviewed Lahren on the street when she told the outlet about her ordeal.

"It was not a hospitable environment for Trump supporters," Lahren said. "I saw so many Trump supporters that were afraid to say that they were going to the inauguration because the ‘loving,' the ‘loving left,' which is actually the ‘unloving and intolerant left,' were attacking Trump supporters."

The cameraman then asked Lahren if she had any personal issues in the nation's capital at the inauguration.

"Hell yes I had personal issues!" Lahren responded.

Lahren said she was identified by left-wing protesters who jumped on and attacked her taxi, adding that they "were vowing to beat my ass."

TheBlaze show host said she got out of the situation but that it was an example of why she hates being in D.C.

Lahren also criticized the Women's March on Washington, saying that it accomplished nothing because Trump is still president.

"I don't know what they were meeting to accomplish. I don't know what they were trying to do," Lahren said. "But the individuals that I encountered today, which were a lot of them, this was not just a few, by and large, especially when they recognized who I was, were militant, aggressive and abrasive."

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