State Dept Knows Nothing About FBI Reopening Clinton Email Probe

• October 28, 2016 4:22 pm


State Department spokesman Mark Toner said Friday that the department knows nothing about why the FBI reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server just hours earlier.

Toner began the State Department daily press briefing by telling Associated Press reporter Matt Lee that he already knew what the topic of the first question would be. Lee asked Toner what the State Department knew of the FBI's actions and what may be involved in the reopened investigation.

"First, what do we know? Not much more than you know, in fact. About the same," Toner said. "We just learned about this when we saw news reports of the letter."

"What emails they may be looking at, what they're looking for, any more details at all, we just don't know anything about the scope of this new–I'm not even sure it's an investigation, but this effort to look at additional emails," Toner continued.

FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday informing lawmakers that the bureau discovered new emails in an unrelated investigation that gave him reason to agree to relaunch the Clinton probe.

Toner referred reporters to the FBI for more details and said that the State Department does not know if the new emails pertained to Clinton's time as secretary of state.

He added that the State Department was not given any prior notice and would cooperate with the FBI in their continuing investigation.

Toner said that the State Department will continue with its court ordered schedule of releasing emails from Clinton's tenure as secretary of state.