Singer Who Wore MAGA Dress to 2017 Grammys Launches Exploratory Committee to Run for Congress

Joy Villa at the 2017 Grammy Awards / Getty Images
• December 13, 2017 12:04 pm

The singer who wore a Make America Great Again dress at the 2017 Grammy Awards announced Wednesday that she launched an exploratory committee for a congressional run in Florida.

Joy Villa, 31, said back in October that if she did chose to run, she would be an advocate for the same issues and policies President Donald Trump supports, according to the Washington Examiner.

Villa said on "Fox & Friends" Wednesday morning that she is looking and polling everywhere from Jacksonville to Miami to see what’s going on and to "scare some of those RHINOS."

"Have you looked at Congress lately?" Villa asked Fox News on Wednesday. "In the news we see that they’re getting nothing done. Immigration they can’t get done. They are not working with the president, which means we need to put new people in, we need to vote fresh blood."

When Villa first expressed her interest in politics back in October, she received support on Twitter from Trump.

"Good luck to Joy Villa on her decision to enter the wonderful world of politics," Trump posted on Oct. 27. "She has many fans!"

Villa tweeted back that the president was her role model and he inspired her "to be great."

"Thank you so much Mr. President, you have inspired ME to be great!" Villa tweeted. "You are my ultimate warrior role model…it’s our time to keep winning!"

Villa said the president’s eldest daughter, White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump, also encouraged her to pursue political office at the White House Christmas party on Monday.

"Ivanka actually pulled me aside and said, ‘I really want you to run. We need more strong women to back up, you know, what America needs,’" Villa said. "So it’s looking good. This congressional possibility is looking more and more like a reality. And I’m proud to dive into it."

The singer-songwriter said she realizes Hollywood doesn’t like her, indicating she is aware of the backlash she may receive by running, but says the threat won’t stop her.

"I know Hollywood's not going to like me. They already don't like me. That's fine," she said. "I'm hoping to just appeal to the American people and really to get this swamp out of here and get good people who care about America back in Congress. And I think Florida deserves good representation."

Villa also said she is planning on releasing her second album before launching a campaign.