Scarborough: ‘Not a Single High School Football Team’ Would Allow Trump to Be Its Coach

• January 4, 2018 9:00 am


"Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough on Thursday went after President Donald Trump amid his feud with Steve Bannon, arguing the "damning information" makes Trump unfit to be president.

"There's not a single high school football team that would allow a guy like this to be their head football coach given all of this damning information," Scarborough said.

The MSNBC host was referring to new information that came out Wednesday in an excerpt of journalist Michael Wolff's upcoming book, which features salacious claims about the Trump campaign and early presidency. The excerpt, published by New York Magazine, includes numerous quotes from Bannon. In response, the White House slammed Wolff's book as "trashy tabloid fiction," and the president said Bannon had "lost his mind."

Scarborough started the discussion by talking about Trump's loss of previously trusted advisors.

"All of Donald Trump's closest aids and advisors–other than family members–they're all in their own way working with Bob Mueller now," he said.

He listed Trump campaign advisors known to be cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation before describing Bannon's problems.

"Then you have … campaign guru Steve Bannon, who is now accusing Donald Trump and his team of committing treasonous actions. The walls are closing in," Scarborough continued.

Contributor Mike Barnacle affirmed Scarborough's view of the administration.

"Joe, the White House now no longer has staff members. The White House now has only witnesses. Every member of the White House staff is a witness, a potential witness," Barnacle said.

"Where is the Republican Party?" Barnacle asked.

"Where is the Republican Party?" Scarborough repeated.

"There's not a single Fortune 500 company that would have kept this man on as CEO or COO. There's not a single service organization," Scarborough continued.

The "Morning Joe" host and frequent Trump critic continued by asking what it would take for congressional Republicans to speak out against the president.