Sally Kohn Has A 'Straightforward' Plan On How To Make Hillary Clinton President

Hillary Clinton
February 15, 2017

CNN political commentator Sally Kohn has a straightforward plan on how Hillary Clinton could still become president. The liberal commentator tweeted her five-step plan on Wednesday morning.

The first step is to impeach President Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence. Step two would entail a constitutional crisis. Step three would be a call for a special election. Step four would be an election between Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Clinton. Kohn assumes Clinton would win and thus making her president.



The plan prompted mockery on Twitter.



But there were some who agreed with parts of Kohn's plan.



Kohn fired back at those who disagreed with her.


Despite being straightforward, Kohn's plan has a major flaw. If President Trump and Vice-President Pence were impeached, there would be no special election. The Speaker of the House Paul Ryan would become president. Kohn will need to think of a new plan if she wants Clinton to be president.

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