Republicans Will Have Spanish Response to State of the Union

Rep. Juan Ciscomani (R., Ariz.) / Getty Images
February 2, 2023

Freshman congressman Juan Ciscomani (R., Ariz.) will deliver an official Spanish-language response to President Joe Biden's Feb. 7 State of the Union.

"While Democrats' woke politics would have you believe the worst in our nation, Juan and his family are a shining reminder of what we look like at our best," Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) said of Ciscomani's response.

News of the speech comes as Latino voters are increasingly turning toward Republicans. Hispanics in Florida played a crucial role in Gov. Ron DeSantis's (R.) blowout reelection win last year. Forty percent of Latinos are "concerned about Democrats embracing socialism," the Washington Free Beacon reported, with the same percentage saying the made-up progressive term "Latinx" offends them.

"I'm humbled and honored by the opportunity to deliver the Spanish response to the State of the Union address," Ciscomani said in a press release. "My message will be simple and straightforward: The American Dream is a dream worth fighting for."

Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders will deliver Republicans' English-language response.