Report: Mark Udall’s Drug Arrest Worse Than He Admitted

Then 22-year-old charged with two felony drug counts

Sen. Mark Udall, (D., Colo.) / AP
• September 29, 2014 5:21 pm


Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Udall’s (Colo.) drug arrest in the 1970s was more serious than he has admitted, according to a report by a conservative website.

Udall had told the Rocky Mountain News that he spent one night in jail after being pulled over for possession of marijuana.

"Yes. When I was 21, I was pulled over by an Arizona state patrolman for possession of marijuana," Udall said. "My dad thought it would be a good lesson for me to spend the night in the local jail."

However, news articles from 1973 detail that Udall was also in possession of amphetamines and initially charged with two felony drug counts.

According to Colorado Peak Politics:

Late on Saturday, February 17, 1973, Udall was driving a 1969 Datsun station wagon with Louisiana plates. He was pulled over. On the front seat, two highway patrolmen found three ounces of marijuana and (this is the part he left out) "dangerous drugs", which were identified as amphetamines.  The patrolmen seized Udall’s car for "transporting drugs".  He was charged with two felony drug counts.  According to an article in the Arizona Daily Sun, "initial felony charges were reduced as requested by the County Attorney."

Udall was ultimately fined $300, received six months of probation, and had his car seized in a civil action, according to the report.

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