Ready For Hillary: Clinton Addressed Recent Scandals by Talking About #TheDress

March 4, 2015

Are you ready for Hillary’s opinion on the dress?

In one of the most perplexing explanations Team Hillary has offered in its full-court press to do some serious damage control on Wednesday, Tracy Sefl took a bizarre turn.

The Ready for Hillary senior adviser suggested that Hillary Clinton subtly addressed the email controversy in her speech to EMILY’s List on Tuesday night.

"She did open her remarks with a reference to her pantsuit and what color it was," Sefl said.

"I was thinking that in some ways she was making a reference to all of this that we are talking about. Some will read something into it that isn't there. I think it's her subtle way of addressing this."

Sefl impressively demonstrated her ability to read into Clinton’s words in a way no other person did.

Beside displaying her Clinton telepathy, Sefl defended Clinton’s lack of transparency and accountability by using far fetched arguments.

Citing that neither she nor Ron Fournier is an expert in security, Sefl insinuated Clinton might have used a personal email address and server in her house because it would be more secure than official government email and State Department servers.

"We live in an age of WikiLeaks and what have you," Sefl said. "I have to believe the interesting conversation on the substance of your question would involve true technical experts who can speak to security issues and reasons why some servers are more secure than others," Sefl said.

The New York Times continued reporting that the State Department could not deliver emails related to the Benghazi scandal requested by congressional investigators because they were held in a private server.

Now we know exactly where that server is, safe and more secure than ever in Chappaqua, N.Y.