Rapper 50 Cent’s Monthly Expenses One-Third the Price of Hillary Clinton Speech

50 Cent
50 Cent / AP

Rapper 50 Cent, a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter, revealed in a bankruptcy court filing this week that he spends $108,000 each month in expenses.

The Associated Press reported that the music artist, who filed for bankruptcy last month, expends $72,000 of his monthly earnings to maintain his estate in Hartford, Connecticut, including $5,000 for gardening on the grounds of the property.

While significant, the rapper’s monthly expenses are just over one-third of what Hillary Clinton charged universities and other organizations to deliver speeches–typically lasting between one and two hours–before formally launching her presidential campaign.

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The former secretary of state typically requested $300,000 per speech, in addition to a presidential suite, travel via private jet, hotel accommodations for her staff and often vegetable crudité.

In fact, just one Hillary Clinton speech could cover well over 50 Cent’s monthly earnings, which amount to $185,000, largely acquired from royalties and interest on investments.

Hillary Clinton’s speech fee is nearly 11 times what the average American makes in a year, according to Census Bureau data. The cost of her haircut is more than the average American’s weekly income.

Since launching her presidential bid, Clinton has been forced to refrain from accepting money for her remarks. Her husband, who often earns five times 50 Cent’s monthly expenses for a single speech, has not.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have earned $140 million since 2007, according to newly released tax returns. Interestingly, 50 Cent had a net worth of the equivalent amount just last year before squandering his fortune.

A month before filing for bankruptcy, 50 Cent expressed his support for the Democratic presidential candidate, commending Clinton for overlooking her husband’s "imperfections" following the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

"Even Bill’s imperfections run very consistent within men—the lust factor out of convenience," the rapper explained. "Things happen at points, and her seeing past that made her human to me. It made that love between her and Bill real to me."

50 Cent is due back in bankruptcy court Wednesday.