Protestors Kick In Windows At Republican Party of Virginia Headquarters

Trump protest in Washington /
Trump protest in Washington / AP
November 10, 2016

Protestors in Richmond, Virginia kicked in the windows and vandalized the Republican Party of Virginia's headquarters on Wednesday night, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Monuments throughout the city were vandalized by individuals marching throughout the city to protest Donald Trump's Tuesday victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton. The protestors also blocked traffic on the interstate highway that runs through the city.

The protest eventually reached the Republican headquarters, where they smashed through the glass door and drew anarchist symbols on the property.

Republicans blamed the attack on Clinton's rhetoric during the election, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

In a statement, RPV Chairman John Whitbeck blamed the vandalism on Hillary Clinton and other Democrats criticisms of Trump supporters as "racist, sexist, mentally ill and a 'basket of deplorables."

"The hateful rhetoric we have seen these past few months is the cause of this violence," Whitbeck said.

The Democratic Party of Virginia condemned the vandalism.

"This is not the Virginia way, nor is it compatible with our values as Democrats," DPVA Chairman Susan Swecker said in a statement. "While we strongly respect and support the right to protest peacefully, these actions are indefensible."

The RPV said in a statement that Trump supporters were seeing the same treatment during the election as well.

"Our candidate's signs were stolen, vandalized and even at times defecated upon and we heard nothing from Democrats to demand this behavior stop," wrote Whitbeck. "We will move forward—not intimidated but vigilant—and pray that this Nation will come together just as Secretary Clinton, President Obama, and President-Elect Donald Trump have stated."

Ten people were arrested during the protests in Richmond.