New Poll: America’s 11 Most Popular Governors Are All Republicans

Massachusetts Republican Gov. Charlie Baker / AP
• April 11, 2017 1:53 pm


The 11 most popular governors in the United States based on approval ratings are all Republicans, a new poll shows.

Morning Consult conducted a poll on the popularity of all 50 of America's governors, asking 85,000 registered voters across the country to evaluate the job performance of their state's chief executives from January through March.

The survey, released on Tuesday, found that the nation's 11 most popular governors with the highest approval ratings are all members of the Republican Party, the Washington Times reported.

Four of the 11 governors are from states that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won in the 2016 presidential election.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R.,) came in first place, with a 75 percent approval rating and a 17 percent disapproval rating.

The other ten governors at the top of the list are, starting with second:

  • Larry Hogan (Md.) — 73 percent approval, 16 percent disapproval
  • Doug Burgum (N.D.) — 69 percent approval, 16 percent disapproval
  • Phil Scott (Vt.) — 68 percent approval, 16 percent disapproval
  • Dennis Daugaard (S.D.) — 68 percent approval, 23 percent disapproval
  • Asa Hutchinson (Ark.) — 67 percent approval, 22 percent disapproval
  • Brian Sandoval (Nev.) — 64 percent approval, 22 percent disapproval
  • Greg Abbott (Texas) — 64 percent approval, 24 percent disapproval
  • Bill Haslam (Tenn.) — 64 percent approval, 24 percent disapproval
  • Gary Herbert (Utah) — 64 percent approval, 28 percent disapproval
  • Nathan Deal (Ga.) — 63 percent approval, 25 percent disapproval

The home states of Govs. Baker, Hogan, Scott, and Sandoval were all won by Clinton, and Massachusetts, Maryland, and Vermont are known for their strong Democratic leanings. Vermont is also the home of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I.), who identifies as a socialist and is popular in the state.

The highest ranked Democrat was New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who had an approval rating of 62 percent, exactly double his disapproval rating.

While Republicans dominated the top of the list, they did the same at the low end of the poll. Morning Consult found that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was the most unpopular governor, with only 25 percent approving of his job performance and 71 percent disapproving of it. Eight of the 10 least popular spots were occupied by Republicans.

The Democrat with the lowest ranking was Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy, who a whopping 66 percent of voters said they disapprove of, compared to just 29 percent who responded that they approve of his job performance.