Pelosi Tells Media to Be 'Messengers of Truth' on Mueller Testimony

House Speaker stopped short of calling for impeachment

July 24, 2019

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) told the media to be "messengers of truth" about former special counsel Robert Mueller's congressional testimony on Wednesday during a press conference after the conclusion of the hearings.

"E pluribus unum. That's the guidance our Founders gave us. They couldn't imagine how many we would be or how different we would be from each other. They wanted us to remember that we are one. So when we go down this path, we want it to be as unifying for our country, not dividing. And that's why we want it to be the strongest possible case," Pelosi said. "Lincoln said, President Lincoln said, public sentiment is everything. Well, in order for the public to have the sentiment, the public has to know. So I hope you will be messengers of the truth to the public. We think today was really a milestone in making that sentiment be more informed. Thank you all very much."

Pelosi did not call for impeachment during the press conference, but argued the "American people now realize more fully the crimes that were committed against our Constitution."

"My position has always been, whatever decision we made in that regard would have to be with our strongest possible hand, and we still have some matters outstanding in the courts," Pelosi added.

Several commentators observed that Mueller's testimony appeared to hurt the cause of those favoring impeaching President Donald Trump.

MSNBC analyst and former Obama administration official Jeremy Bash said Mueller, "sucked the life out of the report" and set back the effort for impeachment. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace called the hearing a "disaster" for Democrats and for Mueller's reputation.

ABC News correspondent Terry Moran said "impeachment's over," adding that Mueller "looked like someone who slowed a step or two."