Obama Should Read the Free Beacon

The President Keeps Learning About His Administration's Scandals On the News

May 19, 2014

President Obama continues to find out about scandals going on inside his own administration from media reports rather than from his staffers.

If he read the Free Beacon, he and his administration might be on top of things a little more quickly.

The latest ugly story that the White House claims Obama only learned of from the news is the VA scandal, where veterans' hospitals around the country have mistreated or forgotten veterans seeking medical care.

"If you mean the specific allegations that I think were reported first by your network out of Phoenix, I believe we learned about them through the reports," said Press Secretary Jay Carney Monday. "I will double-check if that’s not the case. But that’s when we learned about them, and that’s when, as I understand it, Secretary Shinseki learned about them and immediately took the action that he has taken, including instigating his own review — or initiating his own review, but also requesting that the Inspector General investigate."

The story about the Justice Department seizing records from the Associated Press? The news that the IRS had deliberately targeted conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status? The Fast & Furious gun-running scandal? That time the plane flew over Manhattan without authorization?

Obama learned about all of it on the news. Even MSNBC's Morning Joe compiled a montage of all the times Obama has had his head in the clouds on scandals plaguing his administration.