Obama Donor Sells Internship for Five Figures

Harvey Weinstein / AP

Film studio executive Harvey Weinstein is auctioning off an internship at his company and set the "estimated value" on the position at $50,000, Gawker reports.

The Weinstein Company is one of the most powerful studios in Hollywood, and securing an internship there is coveted by thousands of young people looking to break into the film industry every year. Of course, there are only a few spots open per semester, but we have great news: A Weinstein Company internship is being auctioned off for just five figures.

The internship is being sold on a website called Charitybuzz, and the auction's open to any college-enrolled student who has insanely rich parents with an inability to leverage their wealth into organically grown Hollywood connections. The bidding currently stands at $13,000.

According to the company, the "estimated value" of the internship is $50,000, which might be true if whoever wins this bid immediately gets a full-time job with the Weinstein Company.

Weinstein is a major Democratic donor, giving thousands to Democratic candidates across the country during the 2012 election cycle, including $5,000 to President Barack Obama.

Weinstein also hosted a $35,800 a plate fundraiser for the president. The fundraiser netted the president $2.3 million.