NYT Reporter Omits Client #9 Details in Interview

Eliot Spitzer (AP)
Eliot Spitzer (AP)

New York Times reporter Danny Hakim dismissed the story of former madam Kristin Davis, who allegedly provided Eliot Spitzer with prostitutes, in an interview Friday, but left out corroborating details from his own story.

"Did she provide prostitutes for Mr. Spitzer?" Hakim was asked on "The Brian Lehrer Show."

"Well, there's really no evidence to back that up," Hakim said in the interview. "Her name really didn't emerge in the federal investigation of Spitzer, and when the D.A. prosecuted her for her prostitution ring, no evidence emerged from that investigation of Eliot Spitzer's involvement."

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"I think the issue here is she's also claiming that he was one of her clients for a number of years," Hakim went on to say in the interview. "Ultimately, I don't really know, but there's certainly no evidence to back that up."

Hakim's New York Times story earlier in the week, however, described Davis taking a lie detector test concerning the matter. A call girl who worked for David, Irma Nici, also corroborated Davis' story in the Times piece.

The New York Post first reported in 2008 a connection between Davis' prostitution ring and Spitzer.