NY Times Editorial Board Encourages Readers to Call Senators to Save Obamacare, Reject GOP Tax Bill

New York Times
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• November 29, 2017 1:41 pm


The New York Times opinion page posted a series of tweets on Wednesday encouraging readers to call their senators and voice opposition to the Republican tax bill.

The Twitter profile's bio indicated that the Times editorial board had taken over the "NYT Opinion" account.

"The NYT Editorial Board is temporarily taking over this acct. to urge the Senate to reject a tax bill that hurts the middle class and the nation's fiscal health," the updated bio reads.

The board also tweeted the disclaimer in case anybody missed it.

The Times campaign includes the phone numbers of influential senators who readers are told to call in order to save the Obamacare individual mandate, and includes over a dozen tweets using the hashtag, "#TheTaxBillHurts."

Lawmakers targeted include Republican senators considered more likely to vote against the Republican majority: Lisa Murkowski (Ala.), Susan Collins (Maine), John McCain and Jeff Flake (Ariz.).

Individual tweets for specific senators gave multiple phone numbers.

The editorial board argued readers should oppose the GOP plan because it said the plan puts blue states at a disadvantage and favors wealthy Americans.

The account also shared the editorial board's column from Wednesday where the board further shared its opposition to the Republican plan.

The Times has endorsed the Democratic candidate for president every year since 1960.

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