New Ad Slams Braley for Chickengate

A new ad released released Monday by Americans for Prosperity jabbed Congressman Bruce Braley (D., Iowa) for threatening to sue a homeowners' association after a chicken crossed into his vacation home's property.

The ad features two chickens plotting a getaway from their coop, before one warns, "No way! Last time we did that, we almost got sued."

"Remember when we were chilling down by Bruce Braley's vacation home?" one chicken asks.

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"Yeah, down by the lake, the guy running for Senator," the other chicken responds.

"Yeah, he threatened to sue over that," the first chicken says. "He wants to be an Iowa senator, and he threatens to sue over us–over chickens."

The chickens agree that not only was Braley's ridiculous legal battle "not very neighborly," but "not very Iowa" either.

"You know, we need tort reform," the second chicken says. "Not a guy who makes a federal case out of chickens."