NBC Reporter Reacts Skeptically to Menendez’s Denial of New Corruption Allegation

NBC investigative journalist Jonathan Dienst reacted skeptically to Sen. Bob Menendez's (D., N.J.) statement denying new allegations that he interceded inappropriately on behalf of two foreign nationals Thursday on Rachel Maddow.

Dienst reported earlier today the FBI is looking into whether Menendez took campaign donations from American relatives of two Ecuadorian bankers in exchange for the senator using his office to pressure federal agencies on their behalf.

The two brothers are wanted fugitives in Ecuador and have been accused of embezzling millions from the country.

Dienst noted Menendez has offered different excuses each time questions have been raised about actions by his office tied to large campaign donors. The public may soon know how truthful these explanations are, Dienst said.

"We will see in the end because it's our understanding that in the next few weeks, there will be a decision made out of the Public Corruption Division in the Department of Justice as to how to proceed in the criminal investigation involving Senator Menendez on this and some other matters that we believe they are reviewing."

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