Napolitano: Arizona Will Turn Blue

Janet Napolitano / AP

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is predicting that Arizona will transition from a swing state to a Democratic stronghold due to the state’s changing demographics, reports Roll Call:

On Tuesday, the former Arizona governor told reporters that she is confident her home state will take after Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado in gaining Democratic voters in the coming cycles.

"Arizona will be behind them," Napolitano said during a discussion hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. "I think it will be more purple over time, but ultimately blue." […]

"It’ll happen, I think," Napolitano said. "The fact that I could win three straight elections there, I think is indicative that Democrats can win and do win in Arizona."

Napolitano’s prediction is based on Arizona’s growing immigrant population.

According to Roll Call, she said the demographic changes are "beginning to persuade those previously wary of revamping the system for granting citizenship."