MSNBC Host Goes Off on 'Weird' Rules of White House Briefings

July 18, 2017

MSNBC host Ali Velshi went off on what he called the Trump administration's "weird" policy of off-camera press briefings on Tuesday.

"But the latest White House briefing—it’s one of those weird ones where it’s audio only and we can’t put cameras in there," Velshi said.

NBC correspondent Hans Nichols began talking about White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Tuesday press briefing discussing the healthcare bill.

"And Ali I apologize, part of the problem here is with the rules of the briefing," Nichols said. "If the briefing is indeed over, we can share some sounds with you enumerating this strategy, I just don’t know if it is finally over since I started talking to you."

Nichols wanted the audio so he could better articulate the strategy for the healthcare bill. Velshi confirmed that the briefing was still underway so nothing could be aired yet.

"These are some weird rules, Hans, for viewers who didn’t grow up with them and they think they’re weird—they’re right," Velshi said. "This is weird stuff."

"Well no one grew up with them because they’re brand new," Nichols said.

"Not sure they make sense, but they’re new," Velshi said.