MSNBC Is Having Flashbacks to 2008 With Clinton’s Tight Race

• January 19, 2016 4:06 pm


MSNBC's Kate Snow and Mark Murray joked Tuesday that they are having flashbacks to 2008 with Hillary Clinton's tightening race against socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Clinton, viewed as the prohibitive favorite among the Democrats since her campaign launched last spring, was also a heavy favorite to win the nomination in 2008, but then-senator Barack Obama won the Iowa caucuses and would go on to capture the nod and the presidency.

Although Clinton still holds a national lead over Sanders, polls show a strong possibility of her losing both Iowa and New Hampshire to Sanders and upending the race. In the clip flagged by America Rising, Snow and Murray laughed as they recounted a potential déjà vu for Clinton.

"The New York Times today reports that Hillary Clinton's campaign is preparing for a long primary fight, saying that they could stretch this all the way into April and May, which is making me have flashbacks to 2008," Snow said.

"Me too," Murray said, laughing.

"I covered Hillary Clinton, and everybody kind of thought conventionally it would be over by February," Snow said. "Well, then we were out there until June. How competitive is this race starting to look?"

Murray said if Clinton could win Iowa, it would set her up well to win South Carolina and coast to the nomination, but should Sanders win Iowa and New Hampshire, Clinton may have to go into June before she could potentially win the nomination and fully concentrate on her Republican opponent.