Morning Joe Panel Gangs Up on Steve Rattner for Defending Hillary's Private Email Server

October 8, 2015

After accusing the Select Committee on Benghazi of being politically motivated, Hillary Clinton ally Steve Rattner was "rattled" Thursday morning by a bombardment of criticism from MSNBC's Morning Joe panel over Clinton's lack of cooperation.

"Now you've got me confused and rattled like you like to do," Rattner said stammering.

Rattner repeatedly tried to throw cold water on investigations into Clinton's unorthodox use of a private email server. The former Obama official claimed Clinton has turned over all relevant work documents and no one has been able to find anything incriminating on the Democratic frontrunner.

"But they don't have the ones (emails) they want," Mika Brzezinski said.

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough noted the two-month gap in correspondence from documents Clinton turned over to the State Department. The State Department has told Clinton's lawyer David Kendall to search again for more emails she may not have originally turned over, despite promising under penalty of perjury that she has.

"We all know Gen. Petraeus was emailing Hillary Clinton about yoga classes," Scarborough said sarcastically referring to 900 emails discovered, which Clinton did not turn over to the State Department. "Oh wait, no he wasn't. This was information that's dripped and dripped and dripped out."

Rattner admitted there was a gap that may be unrecoverable because Clinton wiped her server.

"The first two months of emails may or may not be recoverable," Rattner said. "They may or may not exist."

However, he maintained that Republican attacks on Clinton have not resulted in any new Benghazi revelations. Scarborough said it was impossible to boast of nothing being found when all the relevant information has not been turned over.

"As we sit here today the Clintons have not complied with the subpoenas," Scarborough said. "Turn all the documents over and then we can pass judgment."

"People don't believe her because, in part, she doesn't turn over things," Nicole Wallace said.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) complained later in the show that the panel "crawled all over" Rattner.

"Look, it was handled badly," Rattner said. "Everybody happy now?

Scarborough, laughing, told Rattner it was good to have him back on the show.