Morning Joe: 2020 Democrats Are 'Getting Worse' With Policy Proposals

'Everything is free,' Brzezinski says

September 3, 2019

MSNBC's Morning Joe cohost Joe Scarborough slammed 2020 Democrats for helping President Donald Trump's  chances of getting reelected, saying they are "getting worse."

"How does it get better for Donald Trump? Well, you have Democrats getting worse," Scarborough said. "You have Democrats saying, 'You know what we are going to do? We're going to decriminalize crossing the border illegally. You know what we're going to do? We're going to take away health insurance from 160 million Americans. You know what we're going to do? We're going to give health care coverage to people who cross the border illegally.'"

"Everything is free," cohost Mika Brzezinski interjected before Scarborough told the panel to let him continue listing off the proposals that are actually helping elect Trump.

"Bernie said it this past week, 'We're going to forgive all medical debt. You know what we're going to do?' And I'll tell you you just keep stacking that up and you get more people in the suburbs, more swing voters going, 'Wait a second. This is insanity,'" Scarborough said. "By the way, listen. I've said it. I want Donald Trump to get beaten and I will vote for anybody that will beat Donald Trump, but the Democrats moving in that direction give Donald Trump his only chance."

Failed former MSNBC host and frequent Morning Joe guest Donny Deutsch said he agreed with Scarborough and added that these policies only help Trump on the campaign trail. "[Trump] can say, 'Look at the socialist. That's un-American.' And that is the real warning sign for Democrats," Deutsch said.

Scarborough, who left the Republican Party in 2017 and has been a frequent critic of Trump, then turned to MSNBC political analyst and MoveOn's chief public affairs officer Karine Jean-Pierre to ask her to chime in. She cited recent polling that showed five of the Democratic presidential candidates beating Trump in 2020, saying Trump was "sinking really really badly at his own peril."

"Look, I think what Democrats are trying to do is—it's not about just beating Trump. You got to give people to—what are they going to inspire to? What is the vision of this country going to look like? And I think that's what Democrats are trying to do," Jean-Pierre said. "I agree about the socialist stuff. I think that we should not be labeling ourselves that way. That is problematic. I will agree with you on that."

This isn't the first time Morning Joe has been critical of the 2020 Democratic candidates. In late July, Brzezinski and Scarborough said their approach of attacking Obama's legacy was "insanity."

"I'm wondering why people who want votes from Democrats spent all last night trashing Barack Obama saying support of Barack Obama's signature plan, the Affordable Care Act, the greatest step forward toward universal health care in the history of the American republic, I'm wondering why they were trashing that," Scarborough said.

"It is insanity, my friends."