Mikie Sherrill Gets $1.8 Million From Liberal Billionaire Bloomberg

More than half of Democrat's donations are from out of state


Liberal billionaire Michael Bloomberg is pouring nearly $2 million from out of state to aide Democratic congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill.

Sherrill is running against Republican Jay Webber in New Jersey's 11th Congressional District, an open seat left by retiring representative Rodney Frelinghuysen. Hillary Clinton narrowly won the district in 2016.

Bloomberg, the former liberal mayor of New York City and gun-control advocate, recently donated an additional $10 million through his Independence USA PAC in an attempt to boost Democrats this fall.

Now, he is funding a $1.87 million television ad campaign for Sherrill, NorthJersey.com reports.

"Bloomberg, an unabashed critic of President Donald Trump and an advocate for stricter gun control, recently switched back to the Democratic Party in advance of the midterms," the USA Today-affiliated website reported. "The billionaire media mogul recently went to the Stony Hill Inn in Hackensack to pledge his support for Democrats."

Bloomberg's donation is in line with Sherrill's reliance on funding outside of New Jersey. More than half of Sherrill's contributions have come from out of state, while 75 percent of Webber's contributions have come from inside New Jersey.

Like Bloomberg, Sherrill supports more gun control and says New Jersey, which has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, has "led the way" by imposing an assault weapons ban and outlawing magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds.

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