McAuliffe’s Father-In-Law Holding Florida Fundraiser

Terry McAuliffe / AP


A pair of Florida lawyers are hosting a fundraiser for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. One of the lawyers is McAuliffe’s father-in-law.

Richard Swann will be hosting the fundraiser along with fellow Florida attorney John Morgan, according to Politico.

Swann hired McAuliffe in1979 for his first fundraising job when he was only 22 years old. Swann was Jimmy Carter’s finance chairman for Florida at the time.

McAuliffe stayed at Swann’s house while fundraising in Florida. That is where he met Swann’s daughter and his future wife, Dorothy, says McAuliffe in his book, What a Party! 

Swann has been a large source of money for McAuliffe’s two gubernatorial campaigns, contributing $100,000 in 2009 and already another $100,000 in 2013.

McAuliffe has been forced to help Swann out in the past. When Swann’s company went under in the early 1990’s, McAuliffe used his political connections to make sure that everybody, including himself, came out of the fiasco making money, according to the New York Times.

McAuliffe’s campaign has been forced to deal with multiple stories regarding his treatment of Dorothy McAuliffe throughout their marriage.  Stories range from when McAuliffe left her in the delivery room  to attend a Washington Post party, left her in tears with their newborn to attend a Democratic Party fundraiser, and got into an argument about health care during his son’s birth.

According to McAuliffe, his wife lives a great life as long as her credit card bills are paid in full and even if she doesn’t know how much money he has.

"She’s got a great life. Listen, her credit cards are paid and all that. She knows I do very well. But she has no idea. Myself and my accountants are the only people who know," McAuliffe told Vanity Fair.

Former President Bill Clinton and former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist will both be attending the fundraiser. McAuliffe will not be in attendance.

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