Maxine Waters Responds to ‘Low IQ’ Slam by Calling Trump ‘Con Man Don’

Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) called Donald Trump "Con Man Don" on Sunday in response to the president's slam on her intelligence.

Waters was upset with Trump's comments at a rally Saturday night that she was a "low IQ individual." Waters has repeatedly positioned herself as one of Trump's biggest foes in Congress, continually calling for his impeachment.

MSNBC's Joy Reid asked Waters about Trump's claim, and Waters responded that Trump focuses on attacking women.

"Again, I expected this, though. This is not only typical of him. This is what this con man does," Waters said.

Waters said Trump diverts attention from tumult at his White House by going on the attack against his political enemies.

"I'm not going to run from it. I'm not intimidated by him, and so he can keep calling names," Waters said. "I've got plenty for him."

"As a matter of fact, everybody knows he's a con man," Waters added. "He's been a con man all of his life, long before he ever ran for office, and so this con man, Con Man Don, is going to keep it up and again he's coming for me, I'm coming for him."