Good Riddance to Lib Rubbish: Max Boot Finally Defects from Neoconservatism

'I am a neocon no more'

March 10, 2023

What happened: Max Boot, the Washington Post columnist who wears a fedora to conceal his agonizingly hairless dome, formally renounced his neoconservative affiliation on Friday.

"In retrospect, I was wildly overoptimistic about the prospects of exporting democracy by force, underestimating both the difficulties and the costs of such a massive undertaking," Boot wrote on Twitter, the social networking website where he has shared more than 145,000 posts since 2009. "I am a neocon no more, at least as that term has been understood since 9/11."

Boot's tweet included a link to his latest column in Foreign Affairs, titled, "What the Neocons Got Wrong." Elite liberals have praised the column, which is way too long and ponderous to read, as a "bold" and "thoughtful" work of "intellectual courage."

Why it matters: This is fantastic news for neocons and other pro-freedom war advocates. God willing, Boot and his stupid hat will never again be associated with the neoconservative movement and its honorable champions—Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Michael Goldfarb, and Jose "Big Boy Pants" Rodriguez, among others.

Good riddance to liberal rubbish!


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