Matthews Calls Karl Rove a ‘Kamikaze,’ But Not Like Those ‘Patriotic’ Kamikazes

MSNBC host Chris Matthews called Karl Rove a "Kamikaze" for his remarks about Hillary Clinton's health Wednesday on Hardball, and then said he didn't want to knock "previous Kamikazes" with that comparison, saying they were "patriotic people."

"That's tough with Karl Rove, who likes getting hurt," Matthews said.  "He's a strange one. Anyway, I really do think he is a Kamikaze, and I'm not knocking previous Kamikazes, ok? Just him. They're patriotic people. He's a killer dog."

Dozens of Allied ships were sunk by the desperate Japanese suicide pilot attacks toward the end of World War II.

Earlier in the panel discussion, Matthews likened Rove to one of the suicide pilots, suggesting he "dropped a bomb" on the Clintons without caring whether everyone thought he was an "SOB" with his comment about Hillary Clinton's potential brain injury.