Man Runs 163 Miles Without Sleeping to Honor Boston Marathon Victims

Boston Marathon Explosions aftermath / AP


Adam Scully Power ran 163 miles in early August without sleeping to raise money for cancer and to honor the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, USA Today reports.

It took him over 41 hours and he only stopped to stretch, eat, and change his shirt.

He ran the Pan-Mass Cycling Bike-a-thon, which raises money for cancer research.

Scully-Power ran across Massachusetts by himself, but he wasn’t alone. His wife, brother, father and father-in-law followed him in their own vehicle with supplies like water, food and change of clothes. Scully-Power did a TV spot on CBS the week before his run and people driving by on the street would recognize him. He said one man joined him at 10 o’clock Friday night and they ran together for a couple of hours. He also received encouraging text messages and emails along the way. […]

Each year, those riding in the PMC must raise between $500 and $5,000 in order to participate. Scully-Power’s goal was $25,000 and just like in his training and eating habits, he exceeded expectations, raising over $26,000 through his website

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