Warren Responds to Veteran Group’s Letter After 113 Days, Doesn’t Answer Main Question

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) / Getty Images
• June 23, 2017 12:36 pm


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) took 113 days to reply to a veteran group's open letter, and her response did not address the group's central concern about her advocacy for illegal immigrants.

The Boston Herald reports that Warren told the Massachusetts-based Veterans Assisting Veterans advocacy group that she would help them by opposing President Donald Trump's proposed cuts to Veterans Affairs, food stamps, and Medicaid.

But Warren did not address the VAV's original criticisms that she and other Democrats were giving illegal immigrants more attention than veterans. She also did not discuss the Boston mayor's plan to house illegal immigrants in the City Hall.

Warren instead listed in her four-page letter the actions she has taken to help veterans, adding that her brothers in the military instilled in her respect for the armed forces.

Her letter was not well-received.

"She does not address the specific questions we asked of her in our letter," group spokesman John MacDonald said in an email.

"Why is she running to the microphone to fight for illegals and not holding a rally for our nation's veterans?" MacDonald asked.

Warren mentioned helping veterans pursue higher education, helping them get occupational licenses, and protecting their finances. She also criticized VA employees who have mismanaged the agency's handling of veterans' health care.

"VA employees must be held accountable when they cut corners in the delivery of care to our veterans," Warren wrote.

The Senate passed the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017 by a voice vote, and Trump signed it Friday. The bill will reform the VA by protecting whistleblowers and making it easier to fire ineffective employees.

The VAV dubbed Warren "Aleppo Liz" after her decision to focus on advocating for more migration from Syria instead of answering their letter. She took another 93 days before offering this response.